Self Driving Cars and Hybrid Engines

So did anyone go out and buy a Mustang or a Ferrari? No didn’t think so! Me neither. Instead of filling my readers with car envy I thought this time I could discuss some of the latest news in the US regarding cars and driving.


So it seems the government of ours is softening its stance on the use of self-driving cars. Only two years ago it seemed that it would be a long time before we would see them on the roads, if ever. Now, because of great advances in technology it looks like a case of sooner rather than later. I’m not sure how I stand with the thought of a self-driving car. I like driving too much but I suppose it would be a great help to people who were not as capable, but I am an unsure as to what the stipulations concerning that are. Are you supposed to be able to take over if necessary? Google have actually said that once cars drive as well as humans then they would take the steering and pedals out of the car!


With the new range of environmentally friendly cars with electric and hybrid engines, it seems that the engines have actually become too quiet. Us officials are contemplating the enforcing of a loudspeaker system so that people with impaired vision and cyclists would be more aware of them. I think this is a good move because on a noisy road it is fairly easy to miss a car that makes noise, let alone one that is virtually silent. The decision has been delayed until next year though as they are finishing off some tests. I think I read it was March. Lets see what happens!