Scooter For My Girlfriend

Hello there guys, going to be writing about something a little less powerful that the usual subject matter this time. Looking for something for my girlfriend to “scoot” around on as it’s about time she stopped asking me for lifts! For the area we live in a small motorbike or scooter would be great, the roads aren’t too busy and I would feel that she would be quite safe riding around on them. She has ridden scooters in the past and other small motorbikes; she is a bit of a petrol head so I’m setting out to find her a nice little bike, probably used/second-hand.


Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual???


I know she prefers an automatic, but can ride a bike with gears. I suggested getting a 100cc manual, that way you aren’t just riding around using a brake and an accelerator, I just don’t see the fun in that myself, but this bike isn’t for me so that’s up to her. There is always the possibility of a semi automatic too, which are far more fun than the full on automatic. I think something like a Honda Win would look really cool, although they can be a bit of a pain to maintain if you don’t buy the right model. I’ve heard some horror stories from some Win riders that sound like an absolute nightmare! That said though, they look and feel like a “proper” motorbike. They can be fixed easily but sometimes things can go wrong on a daily basis, especially if you don’t know much about the upkeep of a bike.




Along the semi-automatic route she could look at a Honda Dream or a Honda Wave, both quite reliable machines and fairly easy to fix if something goes wrong. Unlike the Win, the regularity of problems is far less frequent and are extremely dependable bikes. There is also the Suzuki GP100, again a sturdy Japanese model that won’t let you down too many times. All of the Japanese thoroughbred bikes are some of the most robust in the world. They just seem to be able to engineer products that last a long time.




Going along the automatic road you have the iconic Honda Airblade, if you have ever been to Asia then you will have seen your fair share of those! There is a reason for that though and that is the fact they are uber reliable and easy to fix if something goes wrong. Not as cheap to fix as the Win for instance, but when you are going to the mechanic perhaps once or twice a year instead of once per week, then those costs probably even themselves out somewhat!


Classic Scooters


Looking for a more “classic” scooter look there is of course the Lambretta. They have been around so long and can look so cool when in the right hands. The Lambretta can be very expensive though, so would have to be lucky to find a good deal on something. I have a friends father who owns a real tasty looking Lambretta, he’s had it for years and is his pride and joy. Can see why though because it looks cool as f*ck.


Piaggio Aprilia is also a potential option but again when we are looking at scooters like that then the price is always going up. Exceptionally reliable with a very good pedigree, you know you are getting quality machines when you are talking about the Piaggio. Unique looking machines that unfortunately have the price tag to go with it. I think she had her heart set on one of those but she does also like the Airblade. I said I would go in halves with her on whatever she wants so let’s hope she goes for something fairly cheap.


Getting a Bargain!!!


I think for cheapness and ease of use then it might be best to go Japanese, so it’s either and Honda or Suzuki for me, and she does like the Airblade in particular so it was my job to go looking for one of those. Where to look though? There are some good places online, but no better than here for used scooters. Really good selection of lots of used scooters and we found a great deal for a used Honda Airblade. We found a model that was only a couple of years old and without much mileage, basically the perfect bike. We got a test ride of it and it runs so smoothly, just like I’d hoped. My girlfriend loves it, we got a great deal and I am in her good books big time. Massive boyfriend status achieved :D