Pimping My Cadillac

Oh Pamela:


Some years ago I bought myself the sexiest, pillar box red, 1954, Series Two, convertible Cadillac. She’s an absolute beauty and my pride and joy. I’ve named her Pamela, after the red swimsuit clad Pamela Anderson in Bay Watch!  I mostly keep her hidden away in the garage but I do enjoy taking her out for country drives during the weekends.  My Mom loves my Cadillac and always asks if she can come along for a ride in her. I’ve even let Mom drive Pamela a couple of times. Mom sitting alongside me in her twin set and pearls wasn’t quite the sexy image I imagined when I bought the Cadillac but I love my Mom (ahhhhhh I hear you say) and Mom loves Pamela, so what’s a guy to do?




Pamela gets quite a bit of attention when I take her out for drives and I’ve also taken her to many classic car shows. Other Cadillac owners tend to express their envy when they meet Pamela, especially when I tell them about the bargain price I bought her for. In fact, I’ve been offered almost double what I paid for Pamela on more than one occasion. Cadillac fans, such as myself, are very passionate about the model. Cadillac produce all of their models with finesse and design superiority.  Just check out the beauty of the huge variety of cadillac models available today. In my opinion, the older models are the most stylish but Cadillac are still designing classic and well designed cars today.



Rim Damage:


Pamela is in really great condition with not a scratch or scuff to be seen anywhere on the bodywork. Her rims, on the other hand, are in a terrible state of disrepair. I have no idea what her previous owner did to her to create so much damage and scuffing to the rims without creating even the slightest bit of damage to the bodywork.  This really does bother me when I take Pamela to classic car shows. Everyone is so impressed by her fantastic condition until they look down to the wheels and exclaim “them there used Cadillac rims look like crap”. I know that they are right but I just haven’t gotten around to fixing the problem. To get rims that match the era in which Pamela was produced, I need to find some suitable used Cadillac rims and used Cadillac rims from 1954 are not that easy to come by.  I have found some used Cadillac rims here but I’m still on the hunt for some used Cadillac rims from the 1950s that also happen to be in good condition.


How to Clean and Maintain Used Cadillac Rims:


Once I have found myself some used Cadillac rims I really need to maintain their condition, to ensure that I don’t have to go through all of this, searching for vintage rims, a second time.  By having good quality chrome used Cadillac rims I will add to the value of Pamela quite significantly, especially if I follow some basic maintenance guidelines to keep their bright and shiny finish.  One of the biggest problems that used Cadillac rims suffer from is water corrosion, so keeping the rims clean by washing them on a weekly basis is really important.  It is also important to wax the used Cadillac rims with a sealant on a farily regular basis. As I only drive Pamela at the weekends I will do this every 2 to 3 months or so.  Soap and water is actually the best method for cleaning chrome rims. Ammonia or acid based cleaning products will actually do a lot more harm than good by burning away some of the chrome. It’s also important to use a non abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe away dirt, again to ensure you don’t damage the chrome.  Likewise, be gentle when you clean your chrome rims as by being heavy handed you will cause damage to the wheels.



You must be careful to remove all dirt and debris before rinsing off the rims. The nest step is to let the rims dry in the shade as the sun can also be damaging to them. Once the rims are bone dry, use a specialist chrome wax to wax and polish the rims and then buff them up with a very soft cloth. A great tip is to buy a wax with a built in sealant, which will help to keep your rims cleaner for longer and protect them from road chippings and gravel. If I carry out this procedure on a regular basis I Should be able to maintain some really nice, bright and shiny used Cadillac rims. Oh how my fellow classic car show goers will be green with envy!