Mustangs and Ferraris

Who doesn’t like a Mustang? Real American power and muscle and in your face design. The 2016 model of the GT Coupe is all of that and much more. It looks so angry that you would be scared to start an argument with it, and it’s got what it takes to beat you in a fight! Muscle cars are enjoying a renewed popularity of late and it shows no signs of stopping with this amazing looking car. I did a bit of reading about it and this is what I found out.


Now what is most important about a muscle car? Yep, the muscle. Now under the hood the Mustang has got some very impressive credentials. Inside the GT is a 5lt V8 engine, which can rock out at up to 435hp, a full fifteen more than last years model. This engine will get you to 60mph in around 4.3 seconds. That is very quick for a car of this size.


Now the new Mustang is not as expensive as it looks (although its still a little out of my price range) and if you take all the additional options like the nice alloys and beastly exhaust, then you are looking at a bottom line of around $42,000!


Everyone loves a Ferrari right? New for 2016 sees the release of the Ferrari F12tdf, a bit of change in direction for Ferrari but it looks like they have pulled it off immensely well. You have a 6.3lt engine that punches with around 770hp!! Yep, 770. No word on a price for the Ferrari at the moment but it’s a Ferrari and they are never cheap.


Join me next time for a look at some more cars!