Motorcycle Road Trip

What’s up people, welcome back to my vehicles blog. The winds are building up and the sun is staying in the sky for a long time, which means that it is time to dust off the motorcycle and take it out for a drive. Living in Australia I love to take the bike and just disappear for a week or two. It feels amazing to know where you are going, but not where you will end up. The motorcycle life is a great one isn’t it? I try to be a bit responsible when I go riding, so I fill my bags up with some tools and other second hand goodies that I find on and head down the road, the only road I know. Here are some of the things to make sure you have for your next road trip.

Bike Jack

It sucks to be sitting on the side of the road with your bike, waiting for someone to drive past so you can get a ride to the nearests garage. I always try to have some basic tools with me, along with a good bike jack so that I can do any small repairs that I know how to, thanks to my time spent on Dan’s Motorcycle Website. If you think that you can do some basic repairs on your bike, make sure to get one of the proper jacks like the used ones for sale on It will save you tons of time and make any breakdowns a lot less stressful.


Bike Jack 

Leg Bag

When you are driving down the road at 120km/h and you need to get some gum out of your bag behind you good luck. But, if you have your gum in the small bag attached to your leg suddenly it is a lot easier. There are lots of different style to choose from, I saw so many online at that I spend a full day looking them over before buying one. Now that I have it I am loving it, I can put my wallet, lip gloss, gum, and anything else I need in here so it is easily accessible.


motorcycle leg bag 


Those are two of the things I think make any motorcycle road trip easier, what do you all think of my picks? I know there are lots of other things that I just did not get the time to go over like tools and emergency gear but maybe that will be the next post. I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and if so then would you be so kind as to support this site by checking out another article, like this one on long term car storage. Make sure to add us to your favourites bar so that you will not miss any of my future points, and like always have a great day everyone.

Motorcycle road trip