Kit Car Revival?

Kit Car Revival?


I’ve been hearing a lot recently about people building their own kit cars. I thought this was just something that my Dad and his friends did back in the day but it seems to be on trend again.  With some skepticism and reservation, I decided to investigate the weird and wonderful world of kit cars.


Retro Cool:


Caterham’s Lotus 7 is perhaps the sleekest of all the vintage cars. They have been generating these kits since 1957!  In the US the Lotus 7 is only provided as a kit and the car has become so popular that dealers have started building them for admirers without the time or mechanical savvy to build their own.


The Space Mobile:


Like something you’d expect to see racing around on the Moon, the SDR V-Storm WR3 is fast, looks amazing and has just (literally) enough room for you and a couple of mates. With a Subaru motor and body stolen from the set of a sci fi slick, this little beauty is sure to keep you in the garage well past your bedtime.


The Tinsel Town Transporter:


With nothing short of downright glamour, the DIY Noble M12 is just about the slickest looking home made car I’ve ever seen. I can imagine Premier League Football players and their glamour model WAGS cruising around in one of these. Plus, with the addition of a Ford Duratec V6 engine and a supercharger I imagine the Noble would be an exhilarating ride.


In conclusion, why pay some corporate giant to make your sleek and shiny motor when you can do it yourself? Anyone have any experience of building their own kit car? I’d love to hear about it and see some pictures. Thanks and see you all next time!