Honda Cub

I’ll be heading back to Asia soon, Vietnam this time, and I shall sadly be saying goodbye to Pamela the sexy red Cadillac once again. I don’t think she misses me as much as I miss her when I’m away. My contract is quite long this time, eight months to be specific. I haven’t stayed in one place in Asia for that long before and have always hired scooters in the past. This time around, it will be much more cost effective to buy a bike.


I’ve always really loved the Honda Cub. It’s a stylish looking scooter that has also been built to last. The Honda Cub is also regularly voted the best motorcycle in the world, ever. That’s quite an accolade. I will be living in Ho Chi Minh City for eight months and after my recent travels in Vietnam I know Ho chi Minh to be extremely congested. The city is like one giant shoal of fish navigating and beeping its way through a vast ocean, with the odd shark (taxi) in dangers way.  Why do Vietnamese people beep their horns so much? It really is a mystery. In Cambodia, commuters certainly do it more than we do in the USA but nowhere near as frequently and with as much volition as their Vietnamese neighbours.


I have driven a hired scooter in Ho Chi Minh City, known to the locals still as Saigon, several times and I know that this city is designed for small, nippy moto’s rather than big, fast machines of steel. It’s very rare that the traffic will allow drivers to go above 10km per hour and most of the time you just feel like you’re in a parking lot. I really do think Honda Cubs are beautiful and they are in abundance in Vietnam, cheap too. The great thing about a Honda Cub too is that it won’t depreciate in value in eight months like more modern scooters would, mostly because it is so well made to last. I actually think that, if I treated it well, I could make some money on the Cub when I leave. We shall see. I’ll be back soon with more news of my motors and my adventures.