Upgrade your First Car

Hey everyone, welcome back to my vehicles blog. A friend of mine just got his first driver's license the other day, at the ripe young age of 34. To celebrate this momentous occasion, me and his brothers planned to buy a cheap car online (found some great deals on used cars at at www.for-sale.co.uk) and “do it up” so that it looks like the car a 16 year old who first got their license would drive. This wasn’t too hard, we found a cheap car and then just got all the young kid accessories to put on it somewhere. Some stuff was easy and was bought at a gas station but the special stuff, the stuff that makes people really cringe had to be bought online. These are some of the cringiest things we added to this “first car”.


Hood Ornament

Unless your car costs well over $100,000 to buy new at a dealers, it does not need a hood ornament. However, to someone under the age of 20 every car needs a hood ornament. We went to this used goods website; http://www.for-sale.co.uk/hood-ornament and found lots of pre-owned hood ornaments to choose from, lots of options to buy the cringiest one. We wanted one that would stand out, and still be ridiculously gross to look at on top of his beat up Volkswagen Golf so we bought him a classic Bentley Flying B ornament.

 Flying B hood ornament


Mud Flaps

Nothing says I don’t care about other people's property like a pair of over sized mud flaps. Seeing as we are installing these ones on a car, they are all going to appear oversized. Once we took a look at the cheap mudflaps available from http://www.for-sale.co.uk/mudflaps it was obvious that he was getting some bright pink Skin girl mud flaps. They almost touch the ground when installed, and I am sure you can hear them smacking around when driving. Although you might see a Dodge Demon with mudflaps, having them whip around the back of your Golf is not quite as impressive.

SKIN Mud Flaps


Modded Up

Of course, we did do some modding to the car (although nowhere near as much as the modding we did in my Mod-Up post). We didn’t add anything to the engine, or replace anything internally to make it drive faster. All we wanted to mod is the same thing that everyone I knew in high school did. Put on a cherry bomb muffler on so that it’s really loud, and smoke all the back light casings. Neither of these offer any benefit to the driver, other than showing off how big of a douche you are and making everyone on the road hate you.

 Smoked Tail Lights


The Reaction!

Well, we actually haven't seen his reaction yet as we will be giving him the car on the weekend. But when we do it will be glorious, I guarantee it! I will try and take some picture or maybe a video to show you guys on my next post, but until then enjoy yourselves, have fun, oh yea, and drive fast.