Driving in Asia

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to my blog. Hope you are all doing well!

So I thought for this blog entry I would mix things up a little and move away from the heavily specific motorvehicle articles and write about something a little more easy going.

Basically I have spent the last few months living in Asia so thought it would be interesting to share with you guys my experiences of driving and moving around in a different country.  Well for one thing you have to have your wits about you! It is definitely less about learning specific road rules and regulations and more about being able to weave in and out of traffic, avoiding things sticking out of the backs of cars and motorbikes! They really can fit anything on the back of a motorbike here, whether its squeezing a whole family on (I have seen 6 people on a moto here before?!) or carrying big stacks of rice, a fridge or another motorbike for that matter. Literally anything goes. It really is a crazy but exhilarating experience driving in Asia. Everything you learn driving in a Western country just goes out of the window. Unorganised chaos is definitely something of a normality here.

I guess the other distinguishing factor here that I have already adhered to, is that everyone drives motorbikes. It has a lot to do with money of course as motorbikes are so cheap and readily available. Cars tend to be seen as a luxury. It seems in fact that the bigger the car here the bigger the money and power. They are definitely a status thing – dominating the roads and expecting every other person to move out of their way. To be honest though, motorbikes are just so much more convenient – sorry to use a cliché here - but I really do just love the freedom they give you and the feel of the wind in my hair…