Dodge Demon Cools its Jets

Dodge Demon Cools its Jets

Hey fellow vehicle enthusiasts welcome back to my vehicle and engines blog. I just received a small bit of info about Dodge’s new drag special, the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon. There has been a decent amount of leaks coming out about this car, and this leak should cool things down. More specifically, cool things (air) down before it enters the engine.

dodge demon

Lots of high performance cars already use hood scoops in order to assist in feeding cooler air to the area around an engine so that it can increase the power output. With the new Challenger SRT from Dodge however, that is being taken one step further. Once you select drag mode, the air conditioning system will stop cooling cabin air and instead cool the air for the engine intake, using an evaporator downstream of the supercharger.  

According to Chrysler this is the first time that this type of system has ever been factory fitted, and claims that intake air temperature will be lowered by as much as 45 degrees.

How exactly is using an air conditioner for engine intake air going to help you go faster? Well, if you remember from the episodes of Bill Nye cold air is a lot denser than hot air. This equates to more oxygen per unit of measurement which essentially means that an engine sucking on cold air can make more power than one breathing in the heat.

So, with these and the other leaks about the Dodge Demon are you considering picking one up? If I had to available funds I would definitely be buying me one of these bad cars. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and happy riding!