Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

Alright my motor loving possy, its Trent here and I’m back for another petrol fuelled article.

You’ve hopefully taken a look at my previous posts about some of the cars I like and I did a pretty cool post on ATV’s too. This time round it’s going to be about another breed of motor. I wanted to delve into the world of bikes a little. I’m not too interested in push bikes as they require too much effort and they’re obviously lacking the most important thing of any true motor, an engine. I do like a beefy motorbike as you may have guessed because I’m a petrol head but probably my favourite kind of bike is a dirt bike because they’re just so good in tricky terrain but also pack a decent punch when it comes to power.

You can get a second-hand dirt bike for pretty cheap these days if you look hard enough, a bit of a difference to riding scooters and mopeds like most people do who have bikes and a lot more fun. If you want a general idea then check out old used dirt bike for sale on the link I’ve provided.

I thought I’d mention a few of the dirt bikes that are expected on the scene early 2016 to give you an idea on just where the market is heading and what kind of dirt bike you can get for your money if you want the best of the best.

Yamaha YZ250X Two-Stroke (2016 Model)

The new model for 2016 comes in at around $7,500 dollars and will only cost slightly more than the 2015 model but with some nice upgrades. There’s been some tuning tweaks for sure as the new model gets a five-speed wide-ratio transmission, a petcock with reverse, a kick-stand and new improved tires. The tires are the Dunlop AT81. The rear will sit at 18” which makes it pretty phat. This bike is seriously kitted for off-road with its new off-road specific suspension. The 249cc liquid-cooled, reed-valve inducted, 2-stroke engine will not only be fast but it will also be powerful with a crisp smoothness. It has a rapid throttle response and KYB Speed Sensitive forks which means its super nimble which is exactly what you need from a good off-roader giving it superior cornering.


KTM 450SX-F (2016 Model)

So the factory edition of the original 450SX-F was released late last year and managed top spot in its maiden season which is some going. You can see why KTM are at the top of the pile when it comes to dirt bikes. Well there’s a new model for 2016. The 449.9cc bike sports a single cylinder, liquid cooled, 4-stroke engine with a 5 gear transmission. Compared to their 5Xs models of dirt bike, this does come in rather heavier but they’ve definitely shed some weight from the original model and how they’ve fitted it all in but managed to even further improve performance, is pretty admirable stuff. It’s the durability that has always seen these bikes high regarded but with this particular model, it’s the drivability which stands out above anything. It feels more like a 500cc + bike with its big-piston torque and power pulse which you’d generally find in a heavier bike and witness sluggish response but not here. Although it packs power and ferocity, the engine is smooth as you like. There’s a lot more specs to sink your teeth into that bike this bike stand-out but you get the gist. Check out the KTM Website for more info or to check out their sweet range of bikes.



Kawasaki KX450F (2016 Model)

As you’d expect, the newer model is now faster and lighter. The good thing with the Kawasaki is that it suits all riders with its 4-way adjustable handlebar and 2-way adjustable foot-pegs. This engine is 450cc and runs like a dream. The new header with integrated resonator chamber gives the throttle a nice quick response. The new high-flow airbox helps to improve flow and reduce noise with the mass-centralizing exhaust muffler also helping to reduce noise as well as weight. Drivability and rider feel are improved by the new DFI couplers and slimmer lighter perimeter frame/swing-arm.


Finishing Points

That’s about it from me but I hope you enjoyed my post about dirt bikes. There’s a lot more bikes coming in 2016 but this was just a little taster of what you can get. If you’ve never driven a dirt bike, they’re pretty fun so maybe if your into bikes and fancy a change, then take a look.

See you all soon,