Chevy’s Small SUV

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. Welcome back to another post on my vehicle blog, this time highlighting a tiny vehicle in a big vehicles world. I am talking about the 2017 Chevrolet Trax, a bland yet competent SUV that is somehow blending in with its more distinctive competition. The SUV and further so the crossover market is flooded with these subcompact SUVs that try to pack tons of personality into these tiny packages. The Trax however has some simple bland styles and an even simpler engine, which makes for a pretty good middle of the road choice among its taller and more expensive competitors. 2017 saw the Trax get a nice visual freshening up that modernized the interior and made the exterior more rugged and handsome, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now becoming standard. 

Trims and Options

With only one powertrain available, your choices are getting easier and easier. There are three trim levels to be picked through: LS, LT and the newly introduced Premier. You can get all wheel drive added to any trim options for an additional $1,500 which is a great deal in my opinion. When you have a sub-$22,000 starting price as the base LS model does, it seems even more enticing, and the jump up to LT edition is only around $2,000 more and has a good amount of new features for the price. Add on the Driver's Confidence Package and the COnvenient package and you get keyless entry and push button start as well as six way power adjustable drivers seat and blind spot warning with rear cross traffic alerts. This all comes in under $25,000 which is an amazing price, and perfect for anyone with a couple kids who need running around to varying clubs and activities.  

2018 Cheverolet Trax