Long Term Car Storage

Hey everyone, welcome to my vehicle and engine blog. I am in the middle of sorting out long term storage for my car back home, and boy is it a hassle. I want to keep this car until I go back to my home country of Canada. I don’t see much point in selling it, I don’t necessarily need the money and I really, really like the car as it was my first ever nice car. So, I am trying to find a place that can store it for a long period of time and keep it in good condition and I must say, it is pretty hard.

car storage


Seasonal Storage

First of all, I had to find somewhere to store the vehicle for four seasons. The season part is important because in Canada you can get a 100 degrees difference from winter to summer. I ended up finding somewhere that specialized in long term vehicle storage for foreign cars (which mine is) but it is almost 1000 kilometres from where my car is now. Luckily, I have some family who must drive out to the same area that my storage is at so that they can get their car. If they are able to drive my car to the storage facility, then I might be in luck.



The other issue I am facing is getting the car in good enough shape to sit for one or two years. This means I have had to replace the battery, and will have to top up all fluids with the most expensive fluids I can find. I will also have to ensure the car gets cleaned both inside and out before going into storage so that no rodents decide to make a house in the car.

Oh Betsy, you are so much work. Wish me luck everyone!