Accommodation in the United Kingdom

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If you move to the United Kingdom, finding accommodation will be at the top of your wish list and you will be in a good position to be aware of the list of steps to take. There are so many housing options and beautiful regions to choose from that the hardest thing may well be to decide where you want to live. Read more


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Next up from me is about a bit of a passion of mine, and that is good old ATV (all terrain vehicle). Anyone who has ever ridden an ATV will know how much fun they are. I am fortunate enough to have ridden an ATV in terrains ranging from snow to desert and it doesn’t matter where you are, they are so much fun. A friend of mine has a 700cc ATV and it is seriously fast. You have to be very careful on it though because it is very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Read more

Dirt Bikes

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Dirt Bikes Read more

If I Owned a Maserati

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If I Owned a Maserati

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my vehicle blog. It brings me great joy today to be talking about my favourite brand of cars, Maserati. I was really lucky when I was younger to get a Maserati watch from a contest, but these days the only thing I can afford is an owners manual (You can find pre-owned Maserati manuals online here, I bought one and am living my dream but don’t tell my girlfriend). I thought why not just blab all about Maserati then? They have a rich history, and some amazing cars out now. And at least they don’t have an emissions scandal going on right now. Read more

Kids Electric Cars.

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Electric cars are making great strides in the world of adults with Tesla flying the flag for eco-friendly transport and producing some mighty fine looking vehicles while they’re at it. The hope is that we can banish the use of fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint of motor travel. Thankfully we are training our children early with a range of fantastic looking electric mini-cars available to buy. You can even buy them online at a number of reputable websites - Read more

Upgrade your First Car

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Hey everyone, welcome back to my vehicles blog. A friend of mine just got his first driver's license the other day, at the ripe young age of 34. To celebrate this momentous occasion, me and his brothers planned to buy a cheap car online (found some great deals on used cars at at and “do it up” so that it looks like the car a 16 year old who first got their license would drive. This wasn’t too hard, we found a cheap car and then just got all the young kid accessories to put on it somewhere. Some stuff was easy and was bought at a gas station but the special stuff, the stuff that makes people really cringe had to be bought online. These are some of the cringiest things we added to this “first car”. Read more

Chevy’s Small SUV

03/07/2017 Main

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. Welcome back to another post on my vehicle blog, this time highlighting a tiny vehicle in a big vehicles world. I am talking about the 2017 Chevrolet Trax, a bland yet competent SUV that is somehow blending in with its more distinctive competition. The SUV and further so the crossover market is flooded with these subcompact SUVs that try to pack tons of personality into these tiny packages. The Trax however has some simple bland styles and an even simpler engine, which makes for a pretty good middle of the road choice among its taller and more expensive competitors. 2017 saw the Trax get a nice visual freshening up that modernized the interior and made the exterior more rugged and handsome, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now becoming standard.  Read more

Motorcycle Road Trip

27/06/2017 Main

What’s up people, welcome back to my vehicles blog. The winds are building up and the sun is staying in the sky for a long time, which means that it is time to dust off the motorcycle and take it out for a drive. Living in Australia I love to take the bike and just disappear for a week or two. It feels amazing to know where you are going, but not where you will end up. The motorcycle life is a great one isn’t it? I try to be a bit responsible when I go riding, so I fill my bags up with some tools and other second hand goodies that I find on and head down the road, the only road I know. Here are some of the things to make sure you have for your next road trip. Read more


Long Term Car Storage

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Hey everyone, welcome to my vehicle and engine blog. I am in the middle of sorting out long term storage for my car back home, and boy is it a hassle. I want to keep this car until I go back to my home country of Canada. I don’t see much point in selling it, I don’t necessarily need the money and I really, really like the car as it was my first ever nice car. So, I am trying to find a place that can store it for a long period of time and keep it in good condition and I must say, it is pretty hard. Read more


Dodge Demon Cools its Jets

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Dodge Demon Cools its Jets

Hey fellow vehicle enthusiasts welcome back to my vehicle and engines blog. I just received a small bit of info about Dodge’s new drag special, the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon. There has been a decent amount of leaks coming out about this car, and this leak should cool things down. More specifically, cool things (air) down before it enters the engine. Read more

The Top 5 Most Expensive Cars in the World

02/02/2017 Main

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my vehicle blog. The last time I was dreaming about owning a Maserati. But when it comes down to the following cars, in comparison to their prices, a Maserati is just pocket money. This time I will deal with the top five most expensive cars in the world. Are you exited about which one is the winner? Well, here we go! Read more


Kawasaki donate $16000 motorcycle to Boys Town California

02/12/2016 Main
Kawasaki donate $16000 motorcycle to Boys Town California 

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. recently announced they will donate the last produced 30th Anniversary Edition 2015 Kawasaki Ninja® ZX™-14R to an auction for Boys Town California. The annual Night of Hope event will be held at The Resort at Pelican Hill, in Newport Beach, CA, on 17th October. There were 300 of these Ninjas produced to celebrate 30 years of production, this, as stated being the final one available to collectors. This collectors piece is painted the same Firecracker Red and Metallic Greystone as it’s 1984 original, the Ninja 900R. It will be fitted with 30th anniversary logos with the badge number 300 on the fuel tank. It also features gold brake calipers with gold pinstriping. The production run, limited to 300, is exclusive to the USA, obviously making this a very sought after machine. Read more


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Mod-up Read more

Motorbike Life

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Motorbike Life 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to talk about a great passion of mine: motorbikes.  It’s a passion that started the moment I bought my first bike straight after passing my test in 2003.  It’s also a passion that was kind enough to humble me after having my first accident a couple of weeks later, and teach me just how dangerous these remarkable feats of engineering really are.   It’s also something that has exposed me to the true meaning of acceleration, has seen me through a variety of experiences on different bikes, and excited me enough to buy a 1000cc v-twin that would take me across Australia.  Read more

“Back to the future” has caught up with us

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“Back to the future” has caught up with us Read more

Honda Cub

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I’ll be heading back to Asia soon, Vietnam this time, and I shall sadly be saying goodbye to Pamela the sexy red Cadillac once again. I don’t think she misses me as much as I miss her when I’m away. My contract is quite long this time, eight months to be specific. I haven’t stayed in one place in Asia for that long before and have always hired scooters in the past. This time around, it will be much more cost effective to buy a bike. Read more

Pimping My Cadillac

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Oh Pamela: Read more

Driving in Asia

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Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to my blog. Hope you are all doing well! Read more

Scooter For My Girlfriend

23/02/2016 Main

Hello there guys, going to be writing about something a little less powerful that the usual subject matter this time. Looking for something for my girlfriend to “scoot” around on as it’s about time she stopped asking me for lifts! For the area we live in a small motorbike or scooter would be great, the roads aren’t too busy and I would feel that she would be quite safe riding around on them. She has ridden scooters in the past and other small motorbikes; she is a bit of a petrol head so I’m setting out to find her a nice little bike, probably used/second-hand. Read more

Kit Car Revival?

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Kit Car Revival? Read more

Hennessey Venom GT

01/12/2015 Main

Hennessey Venom GT Read more


Self Driving Cars and Hybrid Engines

24/11/2015 Main

So did anyone go out and buy a Mustang or a Ferrari? No didn’t think so! Me neither. Instead of filling my readers with car envy I thought this time I could discuss some of the latest news in the US regarding cars and driving. Read more

Mustangs and Ferraris

12/11/2015 Main

Who doesn’t like a Mustang? Real American power and muscle and in your face design. The 2016 model of the GT Coupe is all of that and much more. It looks so angry that you would be scared to start an argument with it, and it’s got what it takes to beat you in a fight! Muscle cars are enjoying a renewed popularity of late and it shows no signs of stopping with this amazing looking car. I did a bit of reading about it and this is what I found out. Read more



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I go by the name of Trent and I have been in love with automobiles from a very young age. I got my first car at 16 and have owned quite a lot since! This new blog will be about cars that I want and also cars that I have driven, so expect a bit of variety as I like to dream a lot!